Antidepressant withdrawal should be taken seriously – we’re investigating ways to help people come off the pills

Understanding how best to apply digitised Neurofeedback to medication withdrawal presents a novel and innovative application of the technology to reduce the risk for patients who are have been taking medication for a long time.
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Digitised Neurofeedback can be used to help people come off medication and prevent relapse.

“Since withdrawal can cause emotional symptoms such as anxiety, low mood, crying spells and panic attacks, people often misinterpret these symptoms as a return of their mental health problem – that is, a relapse. Doctors, too, are often unaware of how common and severe withdrawal symptoms can be, and often mistake them for a relapse.
This can lead people who started antidepressants following a specific stressful event, like job loss, divorce or physical illness, to conclude that they have a long-term, relapsing illness when they do not.”

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