Emotions are the core of mental health

Redefining care using digitised neurofeedback

Improving Emotional Brain Health using Neurotechnology

The future of work needs good mental health.

Stress Point Health has created the first app based solution that deals with emotional balance. Individualised, targeted help to measurably improve employee stress and anxiety.

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Giving access to help Anytime, Anywhere

Improve your emotional reaction to triggers

The next generation of mental health support

Help your brain adopt to healthier patterns over time

Making digitalised Neurofeedback available to all

Number of working days lost for the average sized company due to stress and anxiety
GBP is the average cost per person to achieve long term benefits with our solution
minutes to see results after one session
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Emotional brain health is key

Stress Point Health’s patent-pending API brings digitised Neurofeedback to the market for the first time

The Stress Point Health API

Offers the latest
technology to target emotional brain health

Predictive analytics from real and reliable data

Data from EHR to target suitable  patient groups

AI drives data insights to personalise treatment

Remote patient
monitoring to improve patient outcomes​

The Future is Emotional

Digital Mental Health Solution for Organisations
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Anonymous and aggregated data collected and analysed in real time

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Evidence-based solution to reduce stress and anxiety

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Keep track of progress and measure results

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